Royal Whiptails

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Royal Whiptails are a Twig like pleco but are from the Armored Pleco Family. The Brown or yellow coloration with tiny black markings makes them great at blending into your tank surroundings.

Common Name:

Royal Whiptail Catfish, Royal Whiptail Farlowella, Twig Catfish, Whiptail Catfish, Stick Catfish or Helicopter Pleco

Scientific Name:

Sturisoma panamense

Max Size:

up to 20cm


They are widely distributed in the Pacific slope rivers of Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador, and the Caribbean slope rivers of Colombia


Omnivore - Lots of Veggies and Wood, Can handle a high Protein Food and will enjoy Bloodworms and Shrimp.

Can be known for eating Green Spot Algae and Hair Algae


24-32 degrees C


6.8 - 7.2

Social Behaviour:

Generally solitary, but will socialize somewhat, especially during breeding.

Bottom Dwellers